Live Work

At J. F. Ingram State Technical College, each “live work” project is a teaching/learning opportunity. All work is done by students under the direct supervision of classroom instructors for the purpose of applying or enhancing learned skills.

Ingram labs are not businesses, projects completed by students may take longer than those done in for-profit business settings. No matter what type of “live work” project you select, the end result is a high quality, low cost item created by an individual who takes pride in a job well done.

Who qualifies for "live work"?

  • Tax-supported programs or institutions
  • Public employee/official (active or retired)
  • Students currently enrolled in Alabama two-year colleges
  • Charitable organizations supported by donations
  • ISTC program advisory committee members
  • The general public (barbering and cosmetology only)

What do I need to know about payment?

“Live work” charges are based on the cost of materials used.

A service charge is applied to offset wear on equipment and the cost of processing payments.

All “live work” projects must be paid in full before the property can be released.

What types of "live work" services are available?

Auto Body Repair: from scratch and dent repair to a custom paint job or total frame-off restoration, auto body students can enhance your vehicle’s appearance.

Auto Mechanics: students have access to tools and technology required to diagnose and repair most vehicles. Services include oil change, brakes, alignment, standard maintenance and engine overhaul.

Barbering/Cosmetology: students take pride in work that reflects the latest style trends delivered to industry standards. A wide variety of services are offered at four ISTC instructional sites. It’s easy to schedule an appointment for a cut, style, perm or other service by calling the site nearest you

Cabinetmaking: students in this program create custom cabinets for residential and commercial use as well as a variety of furniture and decorative items.

Carpentry: students in this program can build a gazebo or garden shed, repair and restore furniture and create custom doors and cabinets.

Welding: fire up a new barbeque grill, enhance your property value with an iron gate, or add a decorative element to your yard or patio with made-to-order items.

For more information or to sign up for a “live work” project contact

Ms. Shannon Cherry