ISTC Hosts Spring 2021 Recruitment Day

Over 100 prospective students gathered near the fences at Staton and Elmore correctional facilities today to participate in J. F. Ingram State Technical College Spring 2021 Recruitment Day.

Ingram State serves incarcerated students exclusively, with programs at seven correctional facilities across Alabama.

Ingram State president Annette Funderburk said the recruitment day, which featured presentations by instructors as well as music, balloons and prize vouchers for those who signed up, was just one of the many innovative ways the College has worked to serve students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want students to know that, despite the limitations everyone is experiencing this year, we are here and ready to help them prepare for life after incarceration,” said Funderburk. “The fence lines have become our classrooms and our instructors have used innovative instructional methods combined with personal attention to keep students engaged in the learning process.”

Those participating in the day’s events met academic advisers, learned about tutoring and other services available to promote student success, and heard about job opportunities from members of the college re-entry team.

“It is vital that these men and women gain job skills,” said Funderburk. “Over 90 percent of everyone who is incarcerated in Alabama will be released at some point, and having skills to get and keep a good job significantly impacts their chance for success.”

Recruitment activities continue through November, with the Spring 2021 academic term slated to get underway in January.