ISTC Celebrates Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

At Ingram State Technical College, promoting student success takes many forms. Career technical education, individualized or group tutoring and job placement assistance are all available to help students achieve their personal and career goals.

The foundation of success for many ISTC students is the adult education program. Whether a prospective student needs to gain skills in reading and math before enrolling in a career technical program, or a recent graduate wants to increase their employability by attaining a GED or high school diploma, ISTC adult education professionals can assist them in attaining that goal.

Adult Education Director Sharon Walker said adult education serves more students annually than any other ISTC instructional program. “The skills students gain in an adult education classroom serve them well, whether they are continuing their education, entering the workforce, or building a better life for themselves and their family.”

ISTC offers adult education services at eight locations across the state: Melissa Hutton and Ivette Harris at the Tutwiler instructional service center, DeVona Sims at the main campus, Frank Clem at the Draper instructional service center, Jim Foshee inside Staton Correctional Facility, Sandra Marshall inside Elmore Correctional Facility, Inez Boswell inside Donaldson Correctional Facility, and Dianne Hinds and Joyce Lewis at the Alabama Therapeutic Education Facility. Services are also available at Red Eagle Community-based facility.