ISTC Begins Phased-In Delivery of Services to Students

J. F. Ingram State Technical College students will begin their own version of distance learning this week as the Fall 2020 academic term gets underway.

ISTC is one of five two-year colleges in Alabama which will implement a phased-in service delivery program approved by both the Alabama Community College System and the Department of Corrections. “Our students are ready to get back to the classroom,” said ISTC president Annette Funderburk. “This plan gives us a safe and effective way to resume delivering instruction and training.”

Funderburk said Phase 1 of the three phase program, identified as “Restricted Operations” is currently underway. Plans are in place to implement the other phases, identified as “Hybrid Operations” and “Normal Operations” when approval is received.

While students will not be in the classroom during Phase 1, instructors are developing individualized learning portfolios, which can be delivered to each of the six correctional facilities served by ISTC. “Career technical education is traditionally a hands-on learning experience,” said ISCT Dean of Instruction Bill Griswold. “Our instructors are working to provide students with alternatives that keep them engaged and moving forward.”

Phase 1 also includes “curbside recruitment”, which features past graduates and current students sharing their experiences with prospective students. “The student ambassadors are playing a major role in recruitment this semester,” said Funderburk. “They speak candidly about the College and their words carry a powerful message about the ability to make positive change.”

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