Ingram to Deliver Education Services at L.I.F.E. Tech Transition Center

On November 4, Alabama Community College System Chancellor Jimmy H. Baker announced that education and job placement services at L.I.F.E. Tech Transition Center would be operated by J. F. Ingram State Technical College. 

The center, which is located in Thomasville, is operated by the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles and serves men preparing to transition from incarceration. 

“As Alabama’s only two-year college dedicated solely to the education and training of incarcerated individuals, Ingram is uniquely positioned to lead these efforts at L.I.F.E. Tech,” said Baker. “I’m confident that with the addition of Ingram’s experienced staff and instructors, L.I.F.E. Tech will continue to be a leading program in reducing recidivism in Alabama.”

“Ingram is focused on preparing individuals to make a successful return to community and the workplace,” said Ingram president Annette Funderburk. “Our experience makes Ingram the ideal partner at L.I.F.E Tech and we look forward to helping these students create a better future through education and skills training.”

L.I.F.E. Tech residents can participate in a variety of non-credit training programs to learn skills in welding, carpentry, electrical technology, construction, small engine repair and horticulture. Students can also earn their GED and gain soft skills needed to obtain employment.

In addition to skills training, L.I.F.E. Tech graduates will benefit from Ingram’s  job placement services. “In the past year, Ingram has significantly expanded the number of industry partners employing our graduates,” said Funderburk, “and we look forward to bringing this network to L.I.F.E. Tech’s students.”

“L.I.F.E. Tech is changing the lives of the people who enter the program and the Thomasville community is proud to host this facility in our town,” said Thomasville mayor Sheldon Day. “I look forward to working with Ms. Funderburk and the faculty and staff at Ingram as we continue to support this important program.”

Coastal Alabama Community College operated the education and training services at L.I.F.E. Tech until November 1, 2019 when Ingram began operation.

J. F. Ingram State Technical College is a fully accredited member of the Alabama Community College System, and is the only college in the country that serves incarcerated students exclusively. 

Photo: Pictured (from left) Representative Thomas Jackson (68th District), Dr. Craig Pouncey, president of Coastal Alabama Community College; ACCS Vice Chancellor Susan Price, ACCS Chancellor Jimmy Baker, president Funderburk and Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day.