J. F. Ingram State Technical College Connects with Students During Pandemic

On Tuesday, May 5 J. F. Ingram State Technical College faculty and staff displayed posters and shared words of encouragement with students whose classes have been suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Across two sets of fencing, smiling students waved greetings and asked when classes would resume, while instructors discussed grades, shared motivational messages and reminded students to take care of themselves so they would be ready to return when courses are back in session. Many instructors were able to see and speak with each of the students in their program.

Tuesday’s event is just one activity ISTC has planned to help students remain engaged while they wait to return to classes. “We have developed a weekly newsletter that goes to each student inside their correctional facility,” said ISTC president Annette Funderburk. “It reminds students that while they may not be in the classroom, they are very important to the College and to everyone who works here.”

Funderburk credited the wardens at the correctional facilities housing ISTC students for facilitating all of the activities. “We want to thank each of the wardens and all of the ADOC who collaborate with us as we work to stay connected with our students during this difficult time.”