“A Minor Setback for A Major Comeback” theme of 2019 ISTC Oratorical and Visual Arts Competition

The sixth annual ISTC Oratorical and Visual Arts Contest was held at J. F. Ingram State Technical College throughout the week of March 25, 2019. In keeping with contest tradition, this year’s theme “This is a Minor Setback for a Major Comeback” was selected by the student participants.

Contest co-chair Kerri Conger said over 50 students participated in this year’s event, which began as an opportunity for students to practice their public speaking skills. “After the first year, the students expressed an interest in expanding the contest to include drawing, painting and sculpture,” said Conger. “Then two years ago we added the poetry competition.”

The ISTC Foundation supplies materials for the student artists, and underwrites the prizes awarded to the winners. Foundation liaison Dr. Brannon Lentz, who organized the first contest, said the competition gives students an opportunity to express their creativity. Lentz explained, “by supporting the OVAC the foundation provides students with an opportunity to excel outside regular classroom requirements.” Lentz also said student artwork from the competition is often featured at foundation-sponsored events.

Contests are held at each ISTC instructional service center as well as at the Alabama Therapeutic Education Facility. Three students who earned first place honors in the speech competition will be featured speakers at ISTC commencement ceremonies in May. Tabias Pettway will speak during commencement ceremonies inside Donaldson Correctional Facility on May 2, while Ashley Jones will take the podium at the women’s commencement on May 14, followed by Wesley Mindler at the men’s ceremony on May 16. Those ceremonies will be held at the Draper Instructional Service Center.

A complete list of contest participants follows:

Main Campus

Speech: Samuel Allen Maestas-Kaufman (First Place), Eric R. Shealey (Second Place)

Poetry: Desmond Tippett (First Place), Eric R. Shealey (Second Place), Samuel Allen Maestas-Kaufman (Third Place)

Drawing & Painting: Samuel Allen Maestas-Kaufman (First Place)

Sculpture: Terrance Cheirs (First Place), Samuel Allen Maestas-Kaufman (Second Place), Anthony Crowe (Third Place), Eugene McFadden, John Robertson

ATEF Instructional Service Center – Men

Speech: William Knott (First Place), Timothy D. Tillman (Second Place), Randall Morgan, Jr. (Third Place)

Poetry: Randall Morgan, Jr. (First Place), Leviron Pierson (Second Place)

Drawing & Painting: Derrick Washington (First Place), Anthony Willis (Second Place)

ATEF Instructional Service Center – Women

Poetry: Sherry Rhodes (First Place), Lisa McKinley Tullis (Second Place), Kelly Millfelt (Third Place), Glenda Voss Brewer

Drawing & Painting: Venyetta Giles (First Place), Lisa McKinley Tullis (Second Place)

Sculpture: Alesia Cain (First Place)

Donaldson Instructional Service Center

Speech: Tabias Pettway (First Place)

Poetry: Daveon Cathey (First Place), Alan Nettles (Second Place), Jamie Richardson (Third Place), Johntayveious Fleming, Dominic Gaiter, Tabias Pettway

Drawing & Painting: Alan Nettles (First Place), Daveon Cathey (Second Place), Johntayveious Fleming (Third Place), Cortez Mitchell

Sculpture: Cortez Mitchell (First Place)

Draper Instructional Service Center

Speech: Wesley Mindler (First Place)

Poetry: Dean Eric Mahone (First Place), Rayshawn Simmons (Second Place), Willie Gracey (Third Place),

Juan Crayton, Debreon Lewis

Drawing & Painting: Dustin Duhe (First Place, Joseph Kriz (Second Place)

Sculpture: Dustin Duhe (First Place), Joseph Kriz (Second Place), Mark Evan Pickler (Third Place, tie),

HVAC Team: (Third Place, tie) {Manzeroski Logan, Donnie Richards, Christopher Storey, James Walker}

Tutwiler Instructional Service Center

Speech: Ashley Jones (First Place), Brandie McCain (Second Place), Karen Norris (Third Place), Natasha Jones-Chain, Susan Kent, Cynthia Mack

Poetry: Jessica Kelly (First Place), Jamie Lynne Carnrike (Second Place), Jay Cahill (Third Place), Tamikia Monshay America, Tajea Latrice Cunningham, Ashia Fletcher, Susan Kent

Karen Norris

Drawing & Painting: Cassie Williams (First Place), Sonya Lehman (Second Place), Mercedes Douglas (Third Place), Jennifer Jenkins, Susan Kent, Hallee McLeod

Sculpture: Cassie Williams (First Place), Susan Kent (Second Place)