Office Administration

Office Administration is a maximum 69 semester hour program combining classroom theory with hands-on practice in the laboratory.  Requirements for the Associate of Applied Technology degree include seven academic courses totaling 21 credit hours and all required career technical courses. Requirements for the certificate of completion include four academic courses totaling 12 semester hours and all required career technical courses.  Students can also earn stackable short term certificates and industry certifications. This program is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to prepare for successful entry-level employment in the field of office administration.


  • Associate of Applied Technology Degree
    • Office Administration
  • Certificate
    • Office Administration

  • Short Term Certificate
    • Bookkeeping Clerk
    • Clerk Typist
    • General Clerk

Industry Certification
Microsoft Office Specialist
National Career Readiness Credential

Estimated Program Length

Award Length Credit Hours
Short Term Certificate 1 semester 9
Certificate of Completion 4 semesters 54
AAT Degree 4 Semesters 69

Required Program Courses

Course Title Credit Hours
SET101 Beginning Keyboarding 3
SET104 Advanced Keyboarding 3
SET125 Basic Word Processing 3
SET126 Advanced Word Processing 3
SET133 Business Communications 3
SET134 Career and Professional Development 3
SET135 Financial Record Keeping 3
SET138 Records and Information Management 3
SET218 Office Procedures 3
SET230 Computerized Desktop Publishing 3
SET231 Office Applications 3
SET232 The Computerized Office 3
SET243 Spreadsheet Applications 3
SET244 Database Concepts 3
SET245 Data Entry 3
SET246 Office Graphics and Presentations 3

Required Academic Courses - Certificate

Course Title Credit Hours
DPT100 Introductory Computer Skills I 3
ENG100 Vocational Technical English 3
MAH101 Introductory Mathematics I 3
SPC103 Oral Communication Skills 3

Required Academic Courses - Degree

Course Title Credit Hours
COM103 Introductory Technical English II 3


Introductory Computer Skills II 3
ENG131 Applied Writing I 3
MTH116 Mathematical Applications 3
MTH246 Mathematics of Finance 3
PSY270 Business and Industrial Psychology 3
SPC106 Fundamentals/Oral Communications 3

Electives may be offered to meet a student’s personal educational goals or for instructional purposes.


Program Contact

Ms. Valerie Pittman, Instructor
Tutwiler Instructional Service Center

Occupational Data*

Office administration professionals typically perform clerical and administrative duties, including organizing files, preparing documents, scheduling appointments, and supporting other staff. They need strong communications and organizational skills and should be proficient with computers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medial annual wage for administrative assistants was $37,380 in 2017. Those working in the legal and medical profession are compensated at a higher rate. Employment in this field is projected to decline over the coming decade, with most job openings the result of the need to replace workers who leave the occupation.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook