Counseling at Ingram State Technical College is conducted through a series of multi-faceted services available to all students on an “as needed” basis. These services are designed to ensure that all students have sufficient contact with a counselor to make their progress through the instructional program successful.

The goal of the counseling program is to help each student identify their aptitudes, knowledge, skills and interests and progress through educational opportunities.

The objectives of the counseling program are as follows:

  • To challenge students to become self-actualized through the Life Skills program
  • To help students choose and develop meaningful career pathways
  • To help students develop critical thinking skills
  • To urge students to make decisions that will capitalize on their assets
  • To help students cope with reality
  • To guide students through their pre and post release transition
  • To counsel students concerning personal and academic problems

Workshops/classes include the following:

  • Time and Stress Management
  • Behavior Modification
  • Life Skills
  • Employability Skills
  • Anger Management