Job Placement/Transition

ISTC provides comprehensive placement services to all students. The primary goal of placement services is to assist students when transitioning from the college to their next objective, whether it’s educational or gainful employment. Services are provided in workforce development and employability skills training, transition and career planning. ISTC’s goal is to have an exemplary program that is responsive to job placement along with follow-up needs of its students and graduates.

In an effort to reduce recidivism, the program strives to help students obtain appropriate quality employment. Program personnel are committed to coordinating placement activities for graduates and former students no longer enrolled.

1.    Counseling
Counseling at Ingram State Technical College is conducted through a series of multi-faceted services available to all students on an “as needed” basis. These services are designed to ensure that all students have sufficient contact with a counselor to make their progress through the instructional program successful.

The goal of the counseling program is to help each student identify their aptitudes, knowledge, skills and interests and progress through educational opportunities.

The objectives of the counseling program are as follows:
•    To challenge students to become self-actualized through the Life Skills program
•    To help students choose and develop meaningful career pathways
•    To help students develop critical thinking skills
•    To urge students to make decisions that will capitalize on their assets
•    To help students cope with reality
•    To guide students through their pre and post release transition
•    To counsel students concerning personal and academic problems

Workshops/classes include the following:
•    Time and Stress Management
•    Behavior Modification
•    Life Skills
•    Employability Skills
•    Anger Management

2.    Forms
•    Job Placement & Transition Form
•    Instructor Input Form
•    Individualized Success Plan
•    Student Follow-up Form
•    Employment Satisfaction Survey Form
•    Employer Information Form
•    Alumni Follow-up Survey Form

3.    Gainful Employment Information
At ISTC the graduate placement rate is calculated as follows:  The number of graduate completers employed in positions related to field of instruction (graduates who are (1) employed in the field of instruction pursued, (2) have entered the military, or (3) are continuing their education) divided by the results of the number of graduate completers (students who have demonstrated the competencies required for a program and have been awarded the appropriate certificates, diplomas and/or degrees upon completion) minus the total of the number of graduate completers waiting to take licensure exams (or waiting results), the number of graduate completers unavailable for employment (due to situations such as pregnancy, serious health-related issues, caring for ill family members, death, etc.) and the number of graduate completers who refused employment (failed to keep interview appointments, enrolled in a program strictly for personal use, or simply refused an employment offer in the field of instruction).

Students Seeking Employment
ISTC is committed to finding work for every former student in his/her field of study. This commitment includes former students who have graduated and/or been released. ISTC makes every effort to contact students within three months of their release. In the event that we are unable to contact students, we encourage them to contact us for assistance with job placement.

ISTC has strong relationships with employers throughout the state. These employers have hired our students and know what they have to offer. Some of the employers who hired ISTC graduates during the past 12 months are listed below:

ISTC provides financial aid counseling and enrollment assistance for students who choose to continue their education after their release.

In addition, ISTC provides assistance with obtaining supportive services and other resources for daily living.

For job placement assistance contact:

Rick Vest
(334) 514-5070

Renee Foshee
(334) 514-5051

4.    Internships

5.    Surveys
a.    Graduate Surveys
b.    Employer Surveys