ACCUPLACER is an integrated system of computer-adaptive assessments designed to evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. For over 30 years, ACCUPLACER had been used successfully to assess student preparedness for introductory credit-bearing college courses. ACCUPLACER delivers immediate and precise results, offering both placement and diagnostic tests, to support intervention and help answer the challenges of accurate placement and remediation.

2.    ACT
Ingram offers ACT testing to its students under the ACT Arranged Testing Service.

3.    ACT Workkeys
Students looking to verify their skills for potential employers have the opportunity to take the ACT WorkKeys test to obtain the Alabama Career Readiness Certificate. The Alabama Career Readiness Certificates are earned by passing with a score greater than three on each of the three core assessments of the ACT WorkKeys system:
•    Applied Mathematics
•    Locating Information
•    Reading for Information
The State of Alabama has adopted the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). The NCRC is an assessment-based credential which utilizes ACT’s WorkKeys. This credentialing gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills. The certificate levels are listed below:
•    Bronze Certificate = Level 3 
•    Silver Certificate = 4 
•    Gold Certificate = Level 5 
•    Platinum Certificate = Level 6
ISTC students will be given the opportunity to take the WorkKeys assessment in Workplace Skills (WKO 106) course and in the Adult Education Program after passing the GED Exam.
WorkKeys® assessments are the cornerstone of Workforce Solutions. The assessments help you measure the workplace skills that can affect your job performance. WorkKeys assessments are: 
•    Unique – Unlike other assessments, they don’t simply give an indication of reading and writing competency. Instead, they measure a range of hard and soft skills relevant to any occupation, at any level, and in any industry.
•    Recognized – Successful completion of WorkKeys assessments can lead to earning a National Career Readiness Certificate™ (NCRC®) – a credential that verifies foundational workplace skills. Tens of thousands of employers recognize the value of the NCRC, and many recommend the credential to candidates.

4.    CAPS
The Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional battery designed to measure vocational relevant abilities. Each of the eight ability dimensions is keyed to entry requirements of the majority of occupations in each of the 14 COPSystem Career Clusters. CAPS scores are interpreted in terms of examinees’ abilities relative to others at the same educational level. Scores are also interpreted in terms of each of the 14 COPSystem Career Clusters. Examinees learn which occupational areas are most suited to present abilities and which areas might require a bit more training if they are interested in pursuing related occupations.

5.    GED
ISTC is an official GED testing center. Candidates must complete demographic information and verify eligibility to test before permission is granted to schedule GED tests. Pre-registration is initiated by ABE instructors and final approval for candidates to be scheduled for testing is done by the Chief GED Examiner. Successful completion of the GED tests qualifies an individual for a state of Alabama General Educational Development (GED) credential. GED credentials are accepted by industry, government, licensing boards, technical colleges, and employers as the equivalent to a high school education.

6.    TABE
All students entering the college are required to take a placement test before admission. The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is used to place students in appropriate college courses. Applicants whose test scores indicate that additional educational preparation is needed, will be required to satisfactorily complete developmental courses to prepare for their program of study. Additionally, student support services assist students with tutorial labs that help prepare them for academic success.