Special Education Services (SES)

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The Special Education Services Department at ISTC is focused on providing the best quality education for every student by supporting their academic/vocational pursuits, building life skills, and fostering self-awareness and self-esteem.

Students with special needs are entitled to receive additional services or accommodations based on difficulties related to physical, emotional, behavioral, or learning disabilities.

Qualifications for special education services are determined in accordance with state and federal guidelines. 


Ingram State Technical College
Attn: Special Services
P.O. Box 220350
Deatsville, AL 36022-0350

Phone: (334) 514-6147
Fax: (334) 514-4026

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

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The Adult Basic Education Department offers adult literacy classes to incarcerated individuals in the state of Alabama at seven different sites. The program employs instructors and staff that are dedicated to student advancement. Entering students are administered an assessment to determine individual functioning level. A Plan of Instruction (POI) is developed based on the results of this assessment. The use of various instructional materials and multiple teaching techniques increases the chances for success. Peer tutoring is utilized to facilitate individualized instruction. Upon attaining the GED, students are encouraged to enter postsecondary training.

Training for Business (TBI)

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Training for Business Industry (TBI) courses were developed to provide fast-track employability and vocational trade skills to students in short-term programs with Ingram State Technical College.

The TBI department provides students with knowledge, skills, and experience above entry level status when making application for employment. The course work focuses on employment related topics and hands-on craft skills training for construction and industrial related careers.

Students receive Adult Basic Education literacy improvement, welding, plumbing, and carpentry, light electrical, upholstery and forklift operation.