Student Services

Student Services

Students and Support Services

Student Services assumes a major responsibility for helping to create a positive campus environment that enhances and supports learning. The quality of student life is significantly affected by the availability, variety, and integrity of services and extra academic support programs on campus. It is our undertaking to build alliances between the classroom and campus life, and to provide an opportunity for students to experience the excitement and responsibility that comes from being an active member within the community of higher learning.

The Student Services staff is committed to providing comprehensive services for prospective, current and graduating students making the transition from education to the work environment.

To further our commitment, the objectives of the Student Services Department are as follows:

  • Provide pre-enrollment counseling and assessment that assists students in identifying their interests and abilities
  • Provide an orientation program that assists students in transitioning to the College and  enhances their opportunities for personal, educational and career success
  • Provide convenient admission and registration services that facilitate access to the College
  • Provide accurate, current and expedient financial assistance counseling and services in a manner that maximizes the student’s ability to attend college
  • Provide counseling suitable to the needs of students and a referral service for students whose needs require attention outside of the College
  • Provide tutorial services, career information and job placement assistance
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in leadership and cultural experiences as a supplement to their educational experience 

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